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Sepia Times releases hot new track “Fade to Black”

Cebu alt-pop duo Sepia Times has just dropped a hot new track called Fade to Black. The single is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and all your favorite digital streaming platforms.

Sepia Times releases hot new track "Fade to Black" | IDCB
Cover art by Wimby Grace Yee.

According to Sepia Times, “Fade To Black is an introspective track about the futility people can experience when trying to change themselves. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to paint yourself a different color, you’ll end up fading back to darkness.”

The band is keeping pace with their promise of releasing more music after a short hiatus earlier this year. The single drop is the latest of the band’s recent string of new material, which has so far included a remastered version of their song BreakFast and more recently, a single called Pills. Fade to Black is also representative of the new era of sound the band has been crafting, leaning on grittier electronic and synth-driven music while still emanating strong pop sensibilities.

Fade to Black was written, composed, and produced by the duo’s primary instrumentalist Luigi Balazo and mixed by Jad Bantug. The single features cover art designed by Wimby Grace Yee.

Listen to the track now!

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