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bedtime television releases 2nd single “hair die”

‘hair die’, bedtime television’s 2nd single and music video is now available on streaming platforms and on YouTube. Pre-orders of the 2nd pressing of our cassingle (on which hair die was first available), ‘as bright as the night’, are also available via Genjitsu Stargazing Society.

According to songwriter Isabella Orbiso, “hair die” is about unhealthy coping mechanisms. “When we wrote this song I was facing the aftermath of the worst year of my life,” she says. “I started coping with it and distracting myself by developing a habit of taking normal healthy activities but indulging in them to the point where it was in extreme succession and it was all I was excited.

“Elegant, simple, and timeless” were themes the band tapped into in conceptualizing the music video for “hair die”. (Photo from bedtime television)

“It was so unhealthy, but I let myself believe these were ‘good’ for me because I was so afraid of doing anything else that was real or good that would lead me to face the anxiety of real life. Please get help if you are facing similar problems.”

According to the band, the recording process for their new track was different and more experimental compared to prior songs – using, for example, samples from a toy keyboard.

“Elegant, simple, and timeless” were themes the band tapped into in conceptualizing the music video for “hair die”, which led to pulling out favorite closet pieces, furniture, and vintage trinkets. According to Issa, who also co-directed the music video, “I worked with people I truly love and believe in – my best friends Christiana, who starred in the video, and Renzel who co-directed with me, while Tram and Mikee remotely produced the video.”

Watch the video for “hair die” here:

bedtime television (Facebook, Instagram, Email) is Isabella Orbiso, Tram Florido and Mikee Batucan, a dream pop band from Cebu. They like dogs, long walks in the night time and lots and lots of coffee.

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