The Sellout Club: U N Me

The Sellout Club started out in late 2017 as a Cebu-based pop project between Luigi Balazo and Noah Silvio, both coming from electronic production backgrounds. Amanda Gabucan later joined in to complete the trio to begin writing and recording music as a group.


Mainly delving into a modern pop sound, the three regularly share and trade roles with each other as songwriter, singer, producer, arranger, and engineer. Taking an independent approach to production, promotion, and release, they are ready to put out fresh tracks for Cebu and the rest of the world to vibe with.


“U N Me”, The Sellout Club’s debut single is set to come out online on July 19, 2018 and will also be available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Itunes.

About the single:

The group’s debut single, “U N Me”, was written as sort of a joke to emulate the classic cliché in pop music about a summer fling that felt so right but was never meant to last. It continues to tell the story of the ex-lovers crossing paths again and the thought of colliding in intimacy one more time.

Follow them on social media for updates:

Facebook: The Sellout Club
Instagram: @selloutclubph
Twitter: @selloutclubph


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