Kasubo: A Tribute and Call

With the passing of Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, the urgency to raise awareness on mental health is high. Using Cebu’s artistic scene for this purpose, a group of local productions created an event that’s aimed to make a dent in Cebu’s subconscious.

KASUBO (Matters of the Mind) is a month-long series of events that intends to raise awareness on mental health issues. Kasubo is a Cebuano word for sorrow, a state of distress over a plight one has endured.

House 2 Productions, together with Plug & Play, Golden Luger Productions, Harakirimosh, and ABCebu Events, came up with this powerful affair that will not just make people reminisce the music that was brought about by Bennington and Linkin Park, but will also open the public’s eyes toward mental health conditions and its stigma, especially in the music industry.

There will be a mishmash of music, poetry, sports clinic, art exhibits, and mental health talks for KASUBO all throughout the month of August.

The musical leg of the event started last July 30 at Handuraw Pizza Mango Square. The next shows are scheduled on all the Saturdays of August at Azul starting this August 5.

July 28 was the first installment of the series in collaboration with Cebu LitFest. They had an open mic at the SM City Seaside with The Vast.

This event is also the first of its kind, having participants and collaborators from different musical productions and various industries, to focus on mental health. KASUBO is the epitome of the solidarity of Cebu community in the face of a pressing health and social issue.

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