The Difficult Stranger, Zide Effect in Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Compilation

The Difficult Stranger’s Sa Akong Dughan and Zide Effect’s Makata are two of the tracks included in the latest Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More compilation.

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More is a bi-annual release from Ice Cream Man Records that promotes and introduces independent bands within the scope of power pop, indie pop, rock n roll, ska, surf, punk, northern soul, and mod from all over the world. It started off as a podcast that later became a radio show in Sweden and the U.K. curated and hosted by Wayne Lundqvist Ford.

The show can be heard on Katrineholm FM Sweden, WRFN 1025 U.K., Radio Lantao (Hong Kong), BM Radio (U.K.), as well as internet radio Pop That Goes Crunch (USA).

Archives can also be streamed and downloaded via the links below and is also available on iTunes.

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