MV: Honeydrop’s “Once” MV on Myx PH

It’s always refreshing to see Cebuano bands get airtime on music channels like Myx. Honeydrop is one of the rare gems you don’t usually hear on the radio or see on TV but when you get to see them especially live, you just can’t help but be amazed by the sheer melodic goodness and talent that’s unfolding before you. Ok, i’ll stop talking now and go straight to the point coz i’m not a good writer.

Honeydrop’s new MV for their song “Once” is now on Myx and it’s time to vote!

You can watch the video here:

The video is directed by Trena Guerrero and edited by Karl Lucente, the band’s multi – talented, super awesome, genre – bending, mind – boggling, head – scratching, back – masking guitarist.

We need to vote for the video to make sure that it gets more airplay and hopefully hit the charts. Here’s how:

Latest single ‘Once’ now out & can now be streamed on Spotify!

Directed and Shots by Trenary Guerrero
Production Assistant: Deanne Lucente
Edited by Karl Lucente

Special thanks to: Steven Atenta, Nino Marie, 6twelve Indie and Gospel House

Bomba Press ® 2016

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